Prior Year Winners
Listed beginning with first place.
1995 Winners

OLD TIME BAND: Wolfe Brothers of Elk Creek, Va.; Haw River Reelers of Carrboro, N.C.; Smoky Valley Boys of Mount Airy, N.C.; Southern Pride of Galax, Va.; Grayson County River Rats of Independence, Va.

BLUEGRASS BAND: Blue Ridge Barn Burners of Glade Valley, N.C.; Carolina Grass of Hiddenite, N.C.; Sons of the South of Claremont, N.C.; Big Country Bluegrass of Mouth of Wilson, Va.; Fescue of Marion, Va.

GUITAR: Wayne Henderson of Rugby, Va.; Bob Hooven of Mocksville, N.C.; Steve Kilby of North Wilkesboro, N.C.; Gary Isenhour of Claremont, N.C.; Tom E. Long of Glade Valley, N.C.

BLUEGRASS FIDDLE: Jim Van Cleve of Canton, N.C.; Nathan Leath of Taylorsville, N.C.; Wade Petty of Galax, Va.; Wayne Hubble of Mouth of Wilson, Va.; Junior Shinault of Woodlawn, Va.

OLD TIME FIDDLE: Benton Flippen of Mount Airy, N.C.; Billy Wood of Ferrum, Va.; Jerry Correll of Elk Creek, Va.; Bob Taylor of Independence, Va.; Wayne Martin of Carrboro, N.C.

OLD TIME BANJO: Thomas Rosencrans of Northumberland, Pa.; Roger Wilson of Galax, Va.; Joey Burris of Hillsville, Va.; Brien Fain of Stuart, Va.; Ed Anderson of Christiansburg, Va.

BLUEGRASS BANJO: Stevie Barr of Galax, Va.; Tim Lewis of Warrensville, N.C.; David Carroll of Meadowview, Va.; Larry Pennington of Warrensville, N.C.; Fred Roupe of Sparta, N.C.

MANDOLIN: Arnie Solomon of Greensboro, N.C.; Darren Shoemaker of Glade Valley, N.C.; Tommy Sells of Mouth of Wilson, Va.; Todd Shue of Concord, N.C.; Eddie Hines of Sparta, N.C.

BASS FIDDLE: Terry Shue of Concord, N.C.; Dan Campbell of Glade Valley, N.C.; Butch Barker of Lansing, N.C.; Alan Mastin of Mouth of Wilson, Va.; Terry Semones of Galax, Va.

DOBRO: Donnie Scott of Taylorsville, N.C.; Mack Powers of Lansing, N.C.; Frank Lawson Jr. of Galax, Va.

AUTOHARP: JoAnn Redd of Galax, Va.; Glenna Anderson of Christiansburg, Va.; Gilbert Suitt of Mouth of Wilson, Va.; Helen Newman of Galax, Va.; George Crouse of Hudson, N.C.

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